In Islam, as it has been stressed upon the mportance of feeding poor and destitute, taking care of the clothing of underprivileged people is also of utmost importance. Continuing this Islamic tradition, Alamgir Welfare Trust has included different types of clothes in its relief packages since the beginning and this year this contribution has been presented in the most unique way. Malboosat is a project of Alamgir Welfare Trust international which provides an amazing opportunity to the needy people to shop for their clothes. The clothes that are donated by you, includes used dresses which are in good condition pass through a proper dry cleaning procedure in Rex. Similarly the cloth donated by factories is also showcased in the Malboosat outlet. All these clothes are provided for free to those who cannot afford to buy them. So many underprivileged people are now benefitting from this remarkable service of Alamgir Welfare Trust International and we wish the best to the people who support us in this cause.