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How to perform a sadqa baqra?

Alamgir welfare trust has made the sacrifice of Sadaqa Bakra very easy. Our donor friendly service enables you to perform the sadaqa with comfort and ease, even at your doorstep.


Sadqa Bakra by visiting our office (Karachi): 

1:Visit Alamgir welfare trust international.

2:Get the receipt and token issued.

3:Choose from the available animals by showing the token issued.

4:Perform the sacrifice or get it performed by our staff.


Doors Step Delivery:

1:Call 111-153-153.

2:Place your order for the required animal.

3:A representative will reach at your location.

4:Perform the sacrifice or get it performed by the representative.


Sadqa Baqra at Capital Office: 

1:Visit Alamgir Welfare Trust capital office.

2:Get the receipt issued.

3:Watch live sacrifice via IP Camera from our Karachi office.









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