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Alamgir Welfare Trust is open to all. Every deserving individual can avail the services rendered by the Trust.  However certain services, especially Zakat based activities required specific criteria to be met.


Medical Aid:

Every patient above 18 must bring his/her CNIC and patient below 18 are required to produce B forms, (medical Reports, History and Record if any.)

The CNIC is required to register the patient into our data base. Once the patient is registered, it would be lot easier to track his/her medical record or history for further treatment. At each visit, patients are required to produce their original CNIC.

After registration, the patients are issued the computerized slips/token. They are queued according to their numbers, at the turn Doctors, after thorough examination referred the patient to Lab, Physiotherapy department, Dialysis center for thorough investigation or to the Pharmacy for medicine for 5 days. If the patient still needs treatment he/she must visit after 5 days unless in case of emergency.


Panel Hospital/Further Consultation:

If the patient needs some special treatment such as surgery or high end diagnostics, he/she is referred to one of the several Hospitals which are on panel. (A list of panel hospital). The referral procedure is simple, Doctors at Alamgir Health Care Hospital decides if the patient needs to be referred, if so, the patient is either referred for consultation or for admission. The patient is provided with consultation or admission slip duly signed or stamped by the relevant authority.

Please note that the referral cases are the sole discretion of Alamgir Health Care Center. The Doctors can send the patient to any panel hospital which they deem fit on the ground of medical knowledge and expertise.









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