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Alamgir Health Care Centerís physiotherapy unit provides best medical facilities to thousands of needy patients every month. In the physiotherapy unit trained therapist in an air conditioned environment using both manual and latest machines provide best medical facilities to the patients. In this unit only we provide the implantation services which is basically providing artificial limbs to people who have lost their body parts after some accident or are born with a defect. Also in the physiotherapy department rehabilitation work is done to improve the lives of people suffering from paralysis.

 Alamgir Health Care Centerís physiotherapy department provides implantation services to thousands of children whose organs are not functioning properly due to some illness or birth defect. In implantation artificial body parts such as limbs are provided to children so that they can carry out the basic functions of life easily. They can play as well as be competitive in their studies also. As children today will be responsible citizens tomorrow. Similarly youngsters and seniors who need artificial limbs after complete check up are given access to these so that they are able to live a better life.

For patients suffering from Paralysis or any other illness causing immobility in their body organs the most advanced exercising machines and gym at Alamgir Health Care Centre is a pure blessing. In the care of trained professionals these patients have to undergo extensive exercise so that they are able to live a better life.






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