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AWT does not advocate the tradition of giving Jahaiz, but we provide this service because it has become a social requirement these days. Many girls do not get married due to lack of Jahaiz. Upon request of the needy, we quietly investigate their case and try to help with items of need. We carry out our services in a way such that the self-respect of the subject is not hurt and they can fulfill their obligations honorably. We do not provide any monetary aid, we just provide items of need.

You can either provide us items that are useful in this respect or you can bear the expenses of the marriage of one poor orphan girl, which is around Rs.75,000. If all of us can donate some of the money spent on unnecessary traditions at the weddings of our own children, we can earn valuable dua's of the needy.


Alamgir Welfare Trust helps in marriages in three different ways either essential items of life are provided or furniture is provided by Alamgir Welfare Trust or a wedding dinner of 250-350 people is arranged by Alamgir Welfare Trust. One of the package is provided to a family but depending upon the severity of conditions all the three above mentioned item could also be provided to a bride. As furniture today is inevitable need in weddings therefore the furniture that is provided consists of a bed, dressing table, cupboard and a divider.







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