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Unfortunate incidences are a trial from Allah STW for His creation. Where on one hand they bring forth the destruction and damage, there on the other hand they bring opportunities for philanthropists and humanitarians. In this context AWT with your full support pacifies the victims of these unpleasant events. Be it the catastrophic earth quake of 2002 or the terrifying floods, withering monsoon rains or the ferocious situations in Karachi, the team of AWT always reaches the causalities to help them at every step.

The catastrophe brought about by the monsoon rains of 2012 is not hidden and the territories mostly affected are those of Jacobabad, Shikar pur, Karam pur, Sukkhur districts. The crops along with the homes of the residents were destroyed. At this time, AWTs relief team instinctively helped them and after inspection of the genuinely needy people, provided with Ration and daily necessities. AWT also helped in the restoration of the Masjids and Madarsas which were affected by the heavy rain falls. These efforts were exerted in a well ordered manner after conducting surveys, so that the victims could be helped and looked after as much as possible.







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