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AWT since the beginning has been determined and dedicated to provide absolutely free treatment to the needy and under-privileged patients. The blessings of Almighty Allah and the support of a single generous individual have made possible the setting up of the RASHIDIYA DIALYSIS CENTRE (RDC) project.

RDC is equipped with the latest machines and technology and, being fully operational, is able to perform more than 550 dialyses in a month at current capacity.

One of the tragic sides of kidney-related ailments in our country is the age of the patient which in 60 percent of the cases, is forty or less, when an individual is fully responsible for bread and butter of the family.

Kidney failure not only paralyses the patient functionally, but to keep him breathing needs at least 10 to 12 dialyses in a month. Each dialysis costs between Rs. 4,500 and Rs.5,000. This amounts to Rs.45,000-Rs.60,000 per month which makes it impossible for an under-privileged or even a middle class family to bear.

Alamgir Health Care Centre treats all patients like its family members. Under supervision of experienced staff, best doctors and educated technicians the patients at Rashidya Dialysis Centre are treated with dignity. All this has been only possible with Allah’s grace and the donors utmost help.

 In the Rashidya Dialysis Centre special care is taken for patients comfort and desires. For the long hours that a patient is undergoing dialysis Alamgir Health Care Centre takes special efforts to make the patients comfortable and happy. For entertainment purpose different mediums are used also patients are provided with refreshments so that they feel relaxed.







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