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Around 925 million people in the world do not have enough to eat and 98% of these people live in developing world. Out of this 98%, more than half to be more exact 65 % of the hungry population lies in just seven countries namely India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. These statistics show the extent of hunger prevailing in the country. Alamgir Welfare Trust is working hard to eliminate poverty and hunger in the country. To feed thousands of hungry people Alamgir Welfare Trust with the donors assistance makes food to feed these people and not only this but distributes the food in the most far flung areas. Also the food that is left in events like wedding is even collected by Alamgir Welfare Trust repacked and distributed to people who are in dire need of it.

Best Packaging

Alamgir Welfare Trust beliefs in doing everything in the right manner and therefore when it comes to food special care is taken to ensure that the food meets the hygiene and cleanliness conditions. Alamgir Welfare Trust officials are required to wear plastic gloves throughout the process of making and packing food. Also the packaging is done in high quality boxes so that food reaches in a dignified manner.

Food Distribution Different Place & for Different People 

Alamgir Welfare Trust does not belief in limiting itself to one specific area or people and hence it has a policy that everyday food is distributed at a different place and to different people. All this is done to ensure that maximum people benefit from Alamgir Welfare Trust Food Program.

Double Reward  

The Food Program of Alamgir Welfare Trust is not only responsible for nourishing and feeding people but also through this food program Alamgir Welfare Trust provides employment opportunities. In country like Pakistan where unemployment is so high the Food Program was initiated with the purpose of feeding the hungry people but also this would require manpower. This manpower would result in employment opportunities for the unemployed people. Thus Alamgir Welfare Trust is serving the needy people by not only feeding them but also by employing them. 







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