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Alamgir Welfare Trust (AWT) is operational in the countryís Capital since past 9 years. It has been providing its services to the financially deprived people of the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad and its neighborhood. In this context, AWT provides aid packages to the poverty-stricken families which include provision of ration, edible items and meat.

The organization also provides Sadqa Bakra services, Emergency Relief services/first aid kits, collection of old stuff and also offers essentials, guides and useful accessories to the pilgrims. In case of natural disasters, The AWTís capital office serves as a relief camp which becomes responsible for the distribution of the relief packages in the affected areas. Be it the catastrophic earthquake of 2005 or the migration of IDPís or the aid of flood victims, Alamgir international has responsibly played its part in their rehabilitation by your enthusiastic support.







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