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Alamgir Health Care Centre, a Project of Alamgir Welfare Trust, provides free medical services to over six hundred patients every day. Patients are provided not only with health facilities but Alamgir Health Care Centre (AHCC) also provides them with free medicines. By the grace of Allah and our donors' help, these patients have full recovery and return back to their normal lives and spend a prosperous life.

In providing medical facilities AHCC works without any racial and ethnic discrimination. It is the philosophy of Alamgir Trust to serve the humanity without any difference to Cast, Color or Creed.



Computerized Health Management


Keeping in mind the changing environment today Alamgir Welfare Trust was very keen to start a Computerized Health Management System. On experimental bases this system was started and by the grace of Allah this system is now fully operational. Every patients computerized record is now available and doctors have access to this database. This makes doctors work easy as they the full patient history and diagnosis becomes easier for them. In this way not only a (paper free) environmentally working atmosphere is there but Computerized Health Management System has reduced the usage of paper in short there is no need for duplication of records. And thus Alamgir Welfare Trust is successful in treating every patient as a VIP patient.



Departments of Alamgir Health Care Centre

Diagnostic Centre Computerized Pharmacy

Dialysis Centre Satellite Clinics
Physiotherapy Unit Hospitals on Panel






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